Check-GO Pro Golf Ball Liner w/ Single Pen Marker




The Check-Go Golf Ball Liner gives you a visual advantage to lining up putts and hitting your ball squarely. Driving & Putting with this line gives you an advantage right off the tee letting you stay focused on your target and swing, rather than distacting golf ball elements.

1. Lock ball securely into your Check-GO Ball Liner
2. Mark desired line on ball using the Check-GO pen.
3. Position line on marked ball with line on putter.
4. OPTIONAL: This tool can also be used to perfectly mark your golf ball’s equator deriving it from an axis point. Simply align one of the two horizontally located axis slot’s with your axis point, the center slot now appears aligned ready to mark your golf ball’s true equator. To improve you game and mark the sweet spot axis use in conjunction with a Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder.

Your liner can also be attached to your golf bag or keychain to ensure easy access. The ball can easily be turned after locked into the Check-Go Ball Liner. This can allow for desired line placement, even around existing logos on your ball!

Note: Ball liner’s include pen(s) that can be used with any Check-GO Sweet Spot Finder or independently. Ball liners can be used standalone and with the Check-GO Original or Check-GO PRO. Check-GO Sweet Spot Finder’s provide scientific feedback on golf ball balance and can be used independently to mark the equator line / axis.