The ULTIMATE Sweet-Spot Finder

Let nothing stand in the way of being the envy of the scoreboard whether personally or professionally.

“How horrifying is that? That you can make a great stroke and could still miss!”

Roger Gunn

Former SCPGA Teacher of the Year

“How horrifying is that? That you can make a great stroke and could still miss!”

Roger Gunn

Former SCPGA Teacher of the Year

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Check-GO Pro finds any golf ball’s optimal balance point quickly and accurately. Hitting the balls sweet spot will increase the distance and accuracy of your drives and putts while reducing chance of hooks and slices. Includes: Unit, Check-GO Pen, and Batteries.

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The Check-GO Sweet Spot Finder automatically realigns the balls heaviest areas along its equator, so that the ball no longer has a tendency to wobble, but rather roll more accurately on the green and drive further from the tee with fewer hooks and slices.


Check-GO Unit, Check-GO Pen & 2 AA Batteries, Check-GO Instructions

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The Science of Check-GO Pro

GO generates Fxi which is the force that spins the ball in the direction of the arrow.

Upon impact the ball shoots forward with a velocity of about 50-100 MPH. At the same time the loft angle of the clubhead causes the ball to spin at about 2,000-10,000 RPM.

The effect of the back spin imparted generates two newtons of lifting power (five times the power of gravity). This is called the Bernoulli principal. It is the lifting principal which determines the flying distance of the ball.

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The Check-Go Pro has helped many golfers improve their game.

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The Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder is the perfect promotional item for golfers. Unlike other promotional golf items, the Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder will actually improve your client’s game.

After one of your clients sinks a crucial putt or drives the ball straight on that narrow fairway, using a ball balanced with the Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder, you can feel confident they will remember where they received it.

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