Check-GO Pro + Free Colored Pens



**** Free Colored Marking Pens for a Limited Time****

Finds any golf ball’s optimal balance point quickly and accurately.

Congratulations, you are about to improve your golf game! The New Check-GO PRO sweet spot finder will locate your golf balls sweet spot with scientific precision. Hitting the balls sweet spot will increase the distance and accuracy of your drives and putts while reducing chance of hooks and slices.

Check-GO PRO Sweet Spot Finder Features:
– High Speed 10,000 RPM Gyroscopic Action
– Works with all Brands of Golf Balls
– New Ergonomic Design
– New Balance Timer (shows the exact moment to mark the ball)
– New Built-in Alignment Cup (to create your own partial or bold line)
– Quick and Easy to Use
– Batteries and Check-GO Pen Included
Includes our $40 value Roger Gunn Tee’s and Green’s training Online Video

Money Back Guarantee: 90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee !!!
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